Fitness trail(Association des Communes de Crans-Montana)
Impasse de la Plage
3963 Crans-Montana
+41 27 485 04 04 -


A course in the midst of nature, running and sports activities. Endurance, mobility and strength are trained on this course, thanks to exercises along the way. The starting point of the fitness trail is located at Moubra lake.


Free of charge


Nature Training(APA Santé)
En extérieur ou en intérieur selon la météo Selon la météo
+41 79 586 21 42 -


Nature training is a weekly group physical activity class of approximately one hour.


Move for my pleasure

Nature Training is full of activities: Valaisan boards, Circuit Training, Swissball, Interval Training...


Move for my health

Nature Training is good for your health. The proposed activities have a direct impact on your physical and mental health and will fight against the most common problems:

  • The risk of cardiovascular diseases or accidents
  • The prevention of back pain


Move to change my mind

Nature Training is also great participants, encounters, laughter, therapists not so bad ... everything to make you want to come back at each session.


1 session = 25.-

10 sessions = 230.-

Opening times

Places and times

The course takes place in the region of Crans-Montana on Wednesday evenings at 6:45 pm.


Annual schedule

Summer period: mid-April to mid-September (may vary depending on the group)

Sessions are held outdoors depending on the weather conditions.


Winter period: mid-September to mid-April (may vary depending on the group)

Nature Training becomes Winter Training and the sessions are done indoors.