Bus SMC (Transport - Bus )

Map: G11


Public transport between Sierre and Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana urban network (Haut-Plateau) free of charge

Transfer service on the Crans-Montana network on request.


SMC buses (Sierre-Montana-Crans)

Sierre Gare - Crans-Montana : Duration ~35 min.
The routes serve the villages between Sierre-Montana-Crans via Chermignon (12.421) and via Mollens (12.422).
Crans-Montana urban network free of charge 365/365, routes 12.431-12.432-13.433 and 12.436.
Free service to Plumachit/Colombire in summer/autumn, line 12.435.
Free service to Plans Mayens in summer, line 12.434.


12.421 Sierre-Chermignon-Crans-Montana-Aminona
12.422 Sierre-Mollens-Montana-Crans


The Sierre gare stop has been relocated to the north of the SBB tracks opposite the Post Office, for an indefinite period.

It is not possible to reach the new station to the south of the tracks without a marked diversions, which is incompatible with the timetable and connections.


SMC - Cie de Chemin de Fer et d'Autobus SA
Avenue de la Gare 28
3963 Crans-Montana 1
+41 27 481 23 48